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Our children get too little,
our taxpayers pay too much,
and we all deserve the best school system possible.


Enhance Quality Education for Students
We must focus on improving students' core competencies in math, English, science and technology with improved accountability for results. Merit-based pay for teachers and meaningful graduation requirements are needed.

Hold Down Property Taxes
We must remove wasteful spending from the $180 million budget. Homeowners, especially seniors, cannot afford 5%-10% annual tax hikes. As the people paying the bill, you deserve representation on the school board that sets 80% of your property taxes.

Increase Transparency & Responsiveness
We support making union contract proposals public; televised board meetings; and interactive public comment sessions.

Oppose Compulsory Unionism
All Pennsbury teachers are being forced to pay union dues or fees to keep their jobs. We oppose such coercion, and we support restoring teachers' right to freely choose or reject union affiliation.

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