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Our children get too little,
our taxpayers pay too much,
and we all deserve the best school system possible.


Campbell opposes Morrisville Merger

Pennsbury school board member Simon Campbell failed in his attempt to restrict any district representative from participating in discussions about a possible merger with the Morrisville School District.


Over the last year, the new fiscally conservative board majority has worked hard to control the spending of your tax dollars so that more money is spent where it should be; educating our children.

Renegotiated Health Care-$700,000
Debt Interest Rate Reduction-$1,500,000
Advertising Revenue-$425,000
Legal Services-$90,000
Administrators - SE, Inst, Busi-$76,000
TOTAL Yearly Savings-$2,791,000
PROPOSED: Support Services Reform-$4,200,000


Union Bosses File Redistricting Plan
Led by former Union Boss president John McDonnell and PSEA political operative Judy Petrangelo (Treasurer of Union Boss/Palsky/Dolnick PAC in last election) and supported by political operative Joe Sundeen, the Union Bosses have filed a politically motivated plan to gerrymander the Pennsbury School District's Regions.

* Bucks County judge has ruled in favor of the Pennsbury school board’s plan -

* Union Bosses Redistricting Plan Court Filing -

* EXPOSED: Union Bosses Behind Gerrymandering Plan Petitioners, John McDonnell and Judith Petrangeli, are adult individuls, taxpayers and resident electors in the Pennsbury School District.

* Political operative Joe Sundeen Email - Action Needed - Pennsbury School Board Proposal.

2011-2012 Teacher Salaries
The complete list of Pennsbury school employee salaries and benefits for the school year 2011-2012.

Transportation Services RFP
We may not like it, but reform must come to our transportation services if we hope to focus our limited resources on educating our children.

Sanderson Financial Presentation
Even liberal board member Sanderson can see our current financial situation is not sustainable. Of course, that doesn't stop him from opposing needed reforms.

Union Propoganda Assigned as Homework
Are teachers in the Pennsbury School District underpaid? We are sure they think so, but now they are teaching it to your children.


Union Issues FAQ
What are the facts when it comes to the Teacher's Union in Pennsbury?

Last Teacher's Union Offer
Take a look. Talk about being out of touch with reality.

School Board's Reality vs. Teacher's Union Demands
What the teachers union bosses rejected versus what they want from the taxpayers.

Teacher's Union's Divisive Presentation
Check out the last page of this union presentation to see who is fostering the divisiveness in our community.

2005 to 2009 Teacher's Union Contract
Wonder why your taxes are so high? Take a look.

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